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Dental Exam
Dental exams are important for oral health. They allow dentists to find issues the mouth early on as well as prevent new conditions from occurring. Learn more about our dental exams in Shirlington, VA.

Dental Cleaning
Regular dental cleanings can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Dental cleanings are often done by a dental hygienist after a dental exam. Dental cleanings help keep your teeth and gums healthy while educating you on proper dental hygiene. Learn more about our approach to dental cleanings in Shirlington VA.

Emergency Dentist
Do you know the signs of a dental emergency? If you suddenly experience tooth pain or notice that a tooth has been damaged, it may be a dental emergency. If so, contact our office right away. We offer a variety of emergency dental services, learn more about our emergency dental services in Shirlington VA.

Dental Fillings
Dental fillings are the recommended treatment option for teeth that have developed decay. Fillings restore teeth and help avoid tooth loss. Before the dentist fills the tooth, the decay is removed and the cavity is cleaned to avoid infection. Learn more about our dental fillings in Shirlington VA.

Dental Crowns
Dental crowns are caps that are permanently attached to teeth and dental implants. Dental crowns serve as prosthetic devices to protect damaged or weakened teeth. At RNX Dental we specialize in dental crowns. Learn more about our dental crown services in Shirlington VA.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are a great way to restore missing teeth. Implants work through the use of a tooth root made of titanium to keep the dental crown in place. Learn more about our dental implant services in Shirlington VA.

Dental Bridge
Patients who are missing multiple teeth next to each other may benefit from dental bridges. A dental bridge is a tooth replacement solution that uses dental crowns at each end with one or more pontics in the middle. Learn more about our dental bridge services in Shirlington VA.

One option for replacing missing teeth are dentures. Dentures are removable mouth appliances that function as normal teeth. For those who are missing all their teeth, complete dentures are a good choice. Learn more about our denture services in Shirlington VA.

Dental Veneers
Dental veneers are a cosmetic procedure used to enhance the look of your smile. They can be used to hide stains, fix chipped teeth, correct gaps, and reshape oddly shaped teeth. Learn more about our dental veneers in Shirlington VA.

Dental Bonding
Dental bonding is a procedure that requires the composite-resin material to make teeth more aesthetically pleasing. This procedure can fill in chips, correct gaps, and reshape teeth that are misshapen. Learn more about our Dental bonding services in Shirlington VA.

Root Canal Treatment
Your dentist may perform a root canal treatment if you have an infection or severe decay in a tooth. A damaged nerve or pulp in the tooth allows bacteria to grow, which can result in an abscess or infection. Learn more about our approach to root canal treatment in Shirlington VA.

Teeth Whitening
While there are many over-the-counter teeth whitening kits available, professional teeth whitening at the dentist’s office is the safest, quickest, and most effective way to whiten your teeth up to three shades. Learn more about our teeth whitening services in Shirlington VA.

Laser Gum Treatment
Laser gum treatment is a helpful procedure for those suffering from periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease. Gum disease is an infection that affects the gums and jawbone. Learn more about our laser gum treatment options in Shirlington VA.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry refers to procedures that improve the look of the teeth and or gums including bite. It is focused on improving the aesthetic appearance of the smile not necessarily the functionality. Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry treatment options in Shirlington VA.

General Dentistry
General dentistry is the most common type of dentistry and is related to overall dental health. General dentists offer regular and routine procedures and will refer you to other types of dentists for needed services they aren’t equipped to provide. Learn more about our general dentistry treatment options in Shirlington VA.

Dental Cleaning Procedure
Most dentists recommend having a professional cleaning every 6 months. Regular cleanings prevent long-term dental issues like cavities and gum disease. Your detailed teeth cleaning procedure will consist of thorough cleaning, polishing, and rinsing of tartar and bacteria. Learn more about our dental cleaning procedure in Shirlington VA.

Oral Care
Having healthy teeth is very important for overall health, so it is crucial to educate yourself on oral health and care practices to incorporate into your daily life. Only brushing your teeth is not enough to maintain good oral hygiene. Learn more about how RNX Dental can help you maintain your oral health in Shirlington VA.

Professional Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic dental procedure. Many people settle for over-the-counter teeth whitening options. For better results, our experts recommend having a professional consultation with your dentist. Learn more about our professional teeth whitening options in Shirlington VA.