Crowns Aren’t Just For Royalty

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Crowns Aren’t Just For Royalty

What is a Full-Coverage Crown

Were you told by your dentist recently that you need a crown?

Are you avoiding getting a crown done because you are not sure what a crown is?

Crowns are different from fillings. They cover the entire tooth, so they can provide better protection. They are caps that can be made from different materials that will discuss later.

Signs You Need A Dental Crown

Dentists usually recommend crowns when:

  • Tooth has a big existing restoration to prevent the tooth from breaking in the future
  • Already Broken teeth
  • Root canal treated teeth
  • Crowns can be used also for a cosmetic reason if a patient has defected enamel-like discolored

How to make a crown

Making a crown requires two appointments.

  • The first appointment is usually longer than the second appointment. During the first appointment. The dentist prepares that tooth by shaving the enamel down to create space needed for the crown to cover the tooth. Once enough clearance is created, measurements will be taken to the tooth and sent to the lab.
  • The last step during the first appointment is fabricating a temp crown for the patient to wear for the next week.
  • Second appointment patient will try in the crown and if it fits properly We will cement the crown.

Crown material

Crown material can vary based on the location of the crown.

In the past porcelain crowns supported with metal used to be very popular. At RNX dental we do not use metal anymore. We usually choose between Zirconia and Emax material based on the location and the need for every specific case. 

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