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Your dentist may perform a root canal treatment if you have an infection or severe decay in a tooth. A damaged nerve or pulp in the tooth allows bacteria to grow, which can result in an abscess or infection. This treatment, which removes the damaged nerve and pulp from the tooth, ultimately saves the tooth. If left untreated, it would need to be removed. When the tooth is fully developed, the pulp and nerve are no longer needed, which is why a root canal treatment is often  successful. 

Symptoms of an abscess or infection:

  • Toothache
  • Pain, tenderness, or swelling in the gums
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Tooth discoloration

How is a root canal treatment performed?

The dentist will first take X-rays to see if the tooth is infected. If so, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the area. The infected tooth will be kept dry with a rubber sheet. The dentist will then drill a hole in the tooth to remove the nerve, pulp, and bacteria. The tooth will be flushed with antimicrobial solution and then sealed with a temporary filling. Once the tooth has healed, it will get a permanent dental crown.

How can a root canal be avoided?

Root canals can be avoided with proper care. Teeth can become infected due to injury and severe tooth decay. If you play sports, you can avoid injury by using mouth guards. You can avoid tooth decay by brushing and flossing daily. 

Proper Tooth Care After a Root Canal

After a root canal treatment, you can avoid gum disease and tooth decay by maintaining great dental hygiene. Avoid eating hard foods, as dental crowns can loosen or become. If your crown loosens, chips, or breaks, contact your dentist right away. You can develop an infection if it is not fixed promptly.

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