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Cosmetic dentistry refers to procedures that improve the look of the teeth and or gums including bite. It is focused on improving the aesthetic appearance of the smile not necessarily the functionality.  Cosmetic dentistry encompasses elective treatments and services

Cosmetic Treatments

There are a number of dental procedures that are considered cosmetic and they almost always include these five.


Inlays and onlays are cosmetic fillings that are made of porcelain or composite material.  They are used as “fillings” when teeth have too much damage for traditional fillings.  Onlays and inlays are also different from traditional fillings in the way they are created and applied.  They are produced in labs first and then fitted and attached by your dentist.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding procedures are used for teeth that have decayed, been damaged, or discolored.  The cosmetic dentist will first remove any decay to prevent further damage.  Once the teeth have been prepped the composite will be placed onto the surface and then molded into the appropriate shape.  Once the composite has been sculpted to shape the teeth will then be “bonded” which refers to the process of setting the composite with high-intensity light.  Candidates for composite bonding are those who have tooth decay, chips or cracks, or teeth with worn down corners and edges.  This procedure is also one of the least expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Dental veneers are popular because they look extremely realistic, are very durable, and can resolve many cosmetic issues.  Your cosmetic dentist will first create a set of veneers that resemble your teeth and fit your mouth.  Then the veneers are placed onto the front of each tooth and set with dental adhesive.  Candidates for veneers are those with problems like crooked teeth, cracked teeth, damaged enamel, or large gaps between teeth.


Dental implants are replacements for lost teeth.  The dentist will insert a titanium screw into the jaw where the tooth is missing.  This screw becomes a support for a crown or replacement tooth.  Dental implants improve overall appearance by enhancing the smile and restoring youth that was lost as a result of facial collapsing from missing teeth.  As the jaw heals, the bone and the screw fuse together permanently anchoring the implant in place.

Teeth Whitening

This is the most common and basic procedure of cosmetic dentistry.  Over time teeth will inevitably become discolored and stained from food, drinks, and other habits.  Your dentist will clean your teeth and remove any plaque, tartar, and other substances from their surface restoring the original color.  Teeth can then be whitened further with bleach.


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