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Some people want a cosmetic teeth whitening procedure because they feel that their smile isn’t bright enough; however, with so much information out in the world how do you know which whitening method will work best for you? The answer lies with your dentist prior to the start of any treatment at all!


The key approach when undergoing professional dental treatment at RNX Dental is consulting an expert prior to committing any funds or time towards home-based treatments. RNX Dental has highly skilled dentists who are knowledgeable about different whitening techniques and products both inside and outside of a dental office setting, making them the perfect team to help you decide which option fits you best! 


Our team will help determine what option works well based on your individual needs- whether that means an over-the-counter kit or personalized care plan from us, specifically designed around each patient’s unique wants and needs. Contact us today to get started!

Professional Teeth Whitening

Benefits of Having Your Teeth Professionally Whitened:

  • Accuracy, guaranteed
  • Faster and more convenient
  • Less upkeep than at-home methods
  • More effective
  • Confidence in your new smile


Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Bright & White:

  • Limit your intake of foods and drinks that may stain your teeth, such as coffee, red wine, and more. 
  • Brush twice a day, every day
  • Floss your teeth
  • Use mouthwash


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